Build Season: Week 5


The fifth week consisted of developments on current models for the construction department. Bumpers made of foam were made to be later attached to the front and back of the robot shooter. This way, the robot could be protected from damage when in contact with other robots.   The past … Continue reading

Build Season: Week 4


The fourth week is one of the last stretches for the Sciborgs. The theoretical work is well on its way to being put into action. The team has built the chassis and the somatic robot is mostly finished. This past week the Sciborgs received key parts from Dean. Specifications for … Continue reading

Build Season: Week 3


Three weeks in means only three weeks remain. The Sciborgs completed one of the main tasks of the season when they finished designing the robot. The design incorporated the chassis and throwing mechanism that will be implemented in this years FIRST challenge “Aerial Assist.”   As the construction members are … Continue reading

Build Season: Week 2


As the second week of the build season rolled in, the challenges began to stack up. The team was pressed to decide on a finalized design for the throwing mechanism. After many hours of calculating and modeling on paper, a design was finally chosen out of several to serve as … Continue reading

Build Season: Week 1

photo 3 (2)

This Wednesday, the 8th of January, was Day 5 of build season for the Sciborgs. Off to a successful start, the Sciborgs worked with their respective departments to begin the creation of the physical and virtual prototype of the robot. In the shop, the construction team have started to draft … Continue reading

Kickoff is Here!

photo 4

The game is Aerial Assist, a goal oriented shooting game.  The objective is to score at the various goals on the other side of the field, along the way working together to do so.  The game encourages teamwork amongst the robots.  Heres a link to the official video ( The … Continue reading

Kickoff is Coming


With every New Year comes a new challenge. This New Year brings the start of Kick Off, the long anticipated beginning of the First Robotics build season.  This year’s Kickoff will be this Saturday, 9am at NYU Poly for the Sciborgs, and in many other locations across the world for … Continue reading

Meeting Update 11/13/2013


This Wednesday, the 13th  of November, the Sciborgs held their second successful post-cut meeting. The 50 Sciborgs met for a short period of time together for a talk with Captain Daniel Su, and adviser, Fred Levy. Levy congratulated all the new Sciborgs for having been accepted, and then discussed general … Continue reading

Meeting Update 10/16/2013

Sciborgs Meeting

  This week the Sciborgs met once again, introducing prospective members to the captains and advisers. The new members were also given short lessons in programming basics and construction safety by the senior members. Those interested in Programming were given an introduction by department heads Brian Hong, Jingyu Yao and … Continue reading